CHBA's Modular Construction Council

About the Council

In 2017, members of the Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute and MHICanada joined forces to create the CHBA Modular Construction Council to support the increasing role of factory-built modular construction in the building industry.

Priority Activities

The Council’s priority activities include the following:

  • monitoring and participating in the development of codes, standards and regulations*
  • liaising with codes and standards officials, government and regulatory bodies, related organizations and the public*
  • facilitating research to identify and prioritize technical problems and support codes and standards development
  • coordinating meetings and forums and participating in other industry events to gather intelligence and provide timely information to members
  • collaborating with other CHBA councils and members to best support factory-built modular as a desirable construction option
  • reporting to Council members, the CHBA Board of Directors and all CHBA members
  • preparing communication tools to support the Council’s priority actions

*in collaboration with the CHBA Technical Research Committee


Twitter: @CHBAModular

Keith Herring
Director, Modular & Construction Systems
613-230-3060 ext. 261
[email protected]


Membership in the Modular Construction Council is open to CHBA members in good standing who are engaged in the following:

  • producing buildings, modules and/or panels certified in accordance with CSA A277 as complying with applicable building regulations, CSA Z240 MH Series or CSA Z241 (PRODUCERS)
  • selling and/or installing buildings, modules and/or panels certified in accordance with CSA A277 as complying with applicable building regulations, CSA Z240 MH Series or CSA Z241 (BUILDERS/RETAILERS/DEVELOPERS/COMMUNITY OPERATORS)
  • supplying goods or services to the factory-built modular sector, including product and material manufacturers, transporters, financial institutions, warranty and insurance providers, associations, certification and testing agencies, researchers, architects and designers, engineers and other professionals associated with the sector (SUPPLIERS/SERVICE PROVIDERS)
Council meetings may also be attended by others with an interest in the factory-built sector, including representatives of academic institutions, educators, students, building officials, government representatives and others.

Current producer-members include the following building factories:

Western Canada

Moduline Homes, Penticton, British Columbia

SRI Homes, Kelowna, British Columbia
Moduline Homes, Medicine Hat, Alberta

SRI Homes, Lethbridge, Alberta
Triple M Housing, Lethbridge, Alberta
SRI Homes, Estevan, Saskatchewan
Grandeur Housing, Winkler, Manitoba 

Central Canada

ANC, Brantford, Ontario
Guildcrest Homes, Morewood, Ontario

Quality Engineered Homes
, Kenilworth, Ontario

Royal Homes
, Wingham, Ontario

Eastern Canada

Kent Homes, Bouctouche, New Brunswick
Maple Leaf Homes Inc.
, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Prestige Homes Inc.
, Sussex, New Brunswick

Supreme Homes
, Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick

CHBA's  "Working with Modular" Webinar Series

“Working with Modular” is a six-part webinar series highlighting the features and benefits of modular construction. The content is designed to inform on-site builders and developers, code officials, municipal planners and housing specialists, government departments, lenders, warranty providers and other stakeholders engaged in the residential construction industry. We would like to acknowledge the support of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in the development of the webinar series as well as Altus Group for their work in the project.

To watch the videos in full-screen mode, click on the YouTube icon in the bottom right of the video after you hit play.

Webinar 1:
Modular Construction 101
(April 28, 2022)  


This webinar provides a general introduction to modular construction in Canada from the terminology describing the industry to the benefits of modular construction. Along the way this webinar discusses the factory-based construction process, code compliance, financing and warranty. This webinar will provide a high-level overview and help you determine which subsequent webinars in the series will be of interest to you.


Webinar 2:
Modular and The Environment
(June 23, 2022) 


This webinar highlights how the factory construction process and the resulting factory-constructed buildings can reduce environmental impact and contribute to sustainability and climate resilience.


Webinar 3:
The Factory-Built Process
(December 15, 2022) 


This webinar describes how a modular building is constructed in a factory, transported, and set up and finished at the site, discussing potential impacts on costs and productivity.


Webinar 4:
Code Compliance for Modular Construction
(January 26, 2023) 


This webinar is predominantly aimed at building officials as it will describe how codes compliance is verified for factory-constructed buildings including provincial variations. The webinar will also explain how the factory certification according to CSA A277 works and what that means for code officials.


Webinar 5:
Rapid Housing and Horse Dance Lodge
(November 2, 2023) 



Part of the federal government’s Rapid Housing Initiative, Horse Dance Lodge, or misatimosimôwin mîhkowâp in Cree, is a showcase example of the power of partnerships and utilizing advancements in multi-unit modular housing development.