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CHBA’s Net Zero Home Labelling Program provides the industry and consumers with a clearly defined and rigorous two-tiered technical requirement that recognizes Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes, and identifies the builders and renovators who provide them. The program has been running since its pilot in 2015 and has labelled over 1,500 homes in Canada to date.

Sales & Marketing Tools

Qualified Net Zero Participant

Qualified Net Zero Participant
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Net Zero Builder/Renovator Brochure

Net Zero / Ready Plaques

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Net Zero Builder Brochure
Tri-fold and One-pager available. 

Download Net Zero Builder One-Pager here.


Plaque Orders

For CHBA Qualified Net Zero Homes and Net Zero Ready Homes. Order here.

Home Opening / Ribbon Cutting Promotional Package

CHBA will help take your event to the next level. See details below.

For First Qualified Net Zero or Net Zero Ready Home

The CHBA Member company is the lead for the on-site ceremony coordination and will provide CHBA with their event plan/agenda, which could include: invitations to dignitaries, speakers and other attendees, their own media release, photography, ribbon cutting, etc. In past Net Zero Home opening/ribbon-cutting ceremonies, builders/renovators have invited project stakeholders, project trades, local officials, Mayors, homeowners, etc. We would suggest that you invite as many people as you see fit, following your regional COVID restrictions.

The list below details what CHBA includes in the Net Zero Home opening/ribbon cutting promotional package:

  • CHBA National President or CEO to speak at event.
  • CHBA can notify the local HBA staff, if the member has not yet done so, and invite them to the event, as well as to help with local promotion such as sharing the media release with their contacts.
  • CHBA can also notify the project Net Zero Service Organization and invite them to share the media release with their contacts as well.
  • CHBA can create and provide a co-branded CHBA Net Zero Lawn Sign or banner. CHBA will post the home opening event on our national and Net Zero social media accounts a few days before, and on the day of.
  • CHBA will develop a Media Release for the event and post and share and connect with local media. (Member to provide some information on the home that we can use in our media release as well as the Presidents/CEO’s speech. The type of information we are looking for is what makes this home special; what’s the media “spin” that you’ve developed for your communications, what was the reason you decided to move forward with building a Net Zero Home, what do the homeowners think about the home, etc. Member to also provide photos of the house, as well as ones you’d like to share afterwards from the event such as a ribbon cutting that we could include in the Net Zero News.)
  • CHBA will include a post on the home opening with a photo in the next edition of the Net Zero News.

Please contact Brett Cass to book this promotional package as far in advance as possible.

Net Zero Asset Library

Promote your Net Zero Homes with these assets. Create consumer friendly content to promote your homes' high efficiency features, environmental advantages, and healthier living options. Browse a selection of royalty free videos, images and animated logos. With over 100 assets available, you can create short videos and social media posts that reflect the quality of your Net Zero Homes. Available exclusively for those who are part of the CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program. 
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Net Zero Benefits

Social Media

We promote the work of our Qualified Net Zero Participants regularly on our national social media channels @CHBANetZero. (Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Youtube | Blog )

Not sure how to promote your Net Zero Homes on social media? Check out
this guide which includes hashtags, tagging suggestions, and more!

Looking for Net Zero consumer-facing videos? Check out the Net Zero YouTube Playlist here.

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Social Media: Twitter

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Social Media: Instagram

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Education Tools

Educational initiatives bridge the knowledge gap and accelerate the industry's capacity to capitalize on Net Zero.

  • The CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program provides a variety of Net Zero training courses, delivered through our Qualified Net Zero Service Organizations. We highly recommend sending your sales staff to the Net Zero Sales Training course to gain a better understanding of which value propositions resonate with specific target audiences.
  • The Net Zero Program also releases annual Program Summary Reports (free to members) that look, in great depth, at the technical detail of the homes labelled.
  • In addition, to provide the most current information to members, we offer several webinars each year on a variety of topics focused on aspects of how to achieve Net Zero.
  • To continue the growth of the Program, feedback from participants and committees are brought forth to help integrate program updates. Collaboration and networking is also an integral benefit of program participation and can be taken advantage of through our conferences, meetings, leadership summits, committees and working groups. 


Courses for Builders, EAs, Renovators, sales staff and coming soon for trades and building officials. View more here.

Topics relevant to energy efficient construction. View more here.


Information on assemblies, mechanicals, and overall performance of Qualified Net Zero / Ready Homes. View more here.

Networking and collaboration with an industry peer group focused on high-performance housing.

program updates

Updates to the Program Requirements and education offerings based on industry guidance. View more here.

Sample Legal Language for Sales Agreements

Click here for support on developing your Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Sales/Purchase Agreements.

Qualified Net Zero Participant Logos & Icons

Builders, Renovators, Energy Advisors, Service Organizations, and Trainers that have met the qualification requirements and registered with CHBA are eligible to promote their status as a CHBA Qualified Net Zero Participant using the Qualified Net Zero Participant logos and Qualified Net Zero Participant email signature icons in the secure folders below.  

Using these logos and email signature icons can help you build credibility with customers and increase their confidence in your company. It also tells your industry network that you are committed to energy efficiency and are trained and experienced in Net Zero residential construction. The Qualified Net Zero Participant logo is a silent ambassador for the Net Zero Home Labelling Program, at work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Put the logo to work for your company – make it a part of your company’s identity!

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The CHBA Net Zero Logo Branding Guidelines can be found here

Individuals looking to advertise their future participation in the program may contact Brett Cass at [email protected] to request use of the general Net Zero Home program logo below. 

CHBA Nationwide Home Buyer Preference Study

In this year's CHBA Home Buyer Preference Study “Energy Efficient Appliances” made the top 3! Another 3 energy efficient features (high-efficiency windows, Overall Energy Efficient Home, and HRV/ERV air exchange system) made the Top 10 list again this year.

Want to know what else home buyers are looking for in a new home? If you’re looking for powerful insight into today’s new home buyer market, then CHBA’s 2022 nationwide market research study – powered by Avid Ratings Canada – is a must read. Over 18,000 new home buyers across five provinces were surveyed in the seventh annual CHBA survey on more than 50 in-depth areas of home design, building features, buying preferences, and demographics.

The 2022 Home Buyer Preference Study is available to CHBA Members for free.
Learn more

The top 10 overall “Must Have” home features identified by the 2022 study participants:

  1. Walk In Closet (Primary Suite)
  2. Kitchen Island
  3. Energy Efficient Appliances
  4. Overall Energy Efficient Home
  5. High Efficiency Windows
  6. Walk In Closets (Interior of Home)
  7. 2 Car Garage
  8. HRV ERV Air Exchange System
  9. Linen Closets
  10. Open Concept Kitchen


    “Our National Home Buyer Preference Study confirmed that consumers want and expect an energy efficient home. Our members have a long history in delivering high performance homes and are ready and eager to deliver the next generation of high performance housing to discerning Canadian home buyers. Our Net Zero Home Labelling Program provides third party confirmation for both the industry and the consumer.”

    Kevin Lee, CEO, Canadian Home Builders’ Association